MOBA Mobile Automation - Imagefilm - "I am MOBA"

Bauforum24 TV presents the new imagefilm of MOBA Mobile Automation: The CEO/President Volker Harms and the employees talk about the core values of a family owned business: 

Volker Harms (CEO/President): "We manufacture solutions for mobile machines for over 40 years. And this is where we are successful."

Marcus Watermann (Product Manager Paving Quality): "We try to improve things not only by developing new things but we also implement the feedback of our customers."

Volker Harms (CEO/President): "Our customers are the machine manufactures, so OEMs. We also focus on dealers, even end users, because it helps us to develop the product."

Alfons Horn (Vice-President Engineering): "It’s not only a decision we take ourselves. We always also go to the customers, sit together and come to a solution where the customer, the OEM, so the machine manufacture, is convinced about."

Dr. Holger Barthel (Vice-President Manufacturing And Logistics): "Very very important is that we are talking about applications in a very robust environment like a construction machine. There are two reasons why costumers are coming to MOBA: They know that MOBA can develop products for this robust environment. But on the other side they know quiet well that MOBA can produce these products for robust environments. You need the production technologies and there MOBA has as well more than 40 years’ experience to produces these products in a high quality."

Volker Harms (CEO/President): "To be close with our costumers we have the perfect communication tools and the perfect network."

Ian Lewis (General Manager UK): "We have subsidiaries and dealers located throughout the world. All with various perspectives and understanding. However we follow a simple aim that we wish to grow the market with our technology to the benefit of the customers that we serve."

Giovanni Salemme (Business Development Manager Platform Applications): "For example in Italy we are a kind of competence center where we are developing hardware integrating in the MOBA platform products. We are developing software integrating the applications software solutions that MOBA has in its portfolio. And we can have access to the headquarter resources in order to get the right support. And at the same time we can get access to the world wide resources of the different subsidiaries in order to get into the market country by country with the new solutions."

Dr. Holger Barthel (Vice-President Manufacturing And Logistics): "The people at MOBA are well committed to the company. They like what they do, they know what they do and they do their best. That you can see the whole day. You can see that in development. But you can see this in production and logistics as well."

Volker Harms (CEO/President): "We are a family owned business and we are in the second generation. Not only the owner is in the second generation, we have a lot of employees and their kids are working already here."

Sabine Jung-Koenig (Production): "It is very family-like here. I was also the first woman to work full-time here."

Elvira Groeschel (Production): "I have never experienced a day where I didn’t feel like coming to work or doing my job."

Climent Vilatersana (General Manager Spain): "Years ago when I was looking for a strong partner I got involved with MOBA. I didn’t know how this adventure would be. Today I’m very happy that they took that decision because when I see the growth of our company and our motivated employees I am very proud of it."

Yuyuan Sun (General Manager China): "I really appreciate to have the chance to work with these fantastic people together."

Marcus Watermann (Product Manager Paving Quality): "Developing a system and improving it throughout the years, then getting a feedback from costumer testing it in the field for the first time, telling me: “Hey, the system is really helping me and it’s improving my daily work”. At the end of the day this is the greatest and biggest motivation for me."

Dr. Holger Barthel (Vice-President Manufacturing and Logistics): "The vision of MOBA is to make the machines of our customer more intelligent. Because when their machines are more intelligent they will have more success in their markets. We have a lot of ideas, we are a very innovative company and I think we can automate a lot more machines in the future." 

Volker Harms (CEO/President): "My personal goal is to keep those core values in the future. The core values of a family owned business."

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