Caterpillar 745C Articulated Dump Truck

15.03.2015 - Malaga/Spain. Extreme roads and extreme slopes. When terrain becomes treacherous, articulated dump trucks are the first choice for heavy hauling. With a range of five truck models, Caterpillar covers the 45 tons weight class.

Having introduced its C-series, in 2014, Caterpillar has now completed its ATD range with three new models: the 735C, the 740C EJ and the 745C. Bauforum24 took a closer look at the largest model, the 745C, which, with its higher payload, marks a major development for Caterpillar.

The 745C features a completely new powertrain. It’s powered by a Cat C18 Acert six-cylinder turbo engine with a power rating of 381 kW. That’s an increase of 4 percent more power than its predecessor, the B-series. Caterpillar claims an improved fuel efficiency of 10 percent.

To meet the stage IV emission standards , Caterpillar equipped the 745C with its fully integrated Cat Clean Emissions Module. This consists of a diesel particulate filter, which regenerates automatically without any work-cycle disruption, and a selective catalytic reduction system with diesel exhaust fluid.

For less regulated countries, Caterpillar also offers it's ADTs with engines to meet different emission standards.

Along with a new engine, Caterpillar also changed other components of the powertrain.

To ensure optimum traction, the new C series truck is equipped with Automatic Traction Control which adjusts the level of engagement for the clutch locks in its inter-axle differential and in its three axle differentials. The system makes these adjustments while the machine is in motion which means that operator intervention is not required.

Another important new feature of the latest C series models is their retarding control, which can be changed from manual control to fully automatic. In automatic mode, available in both forward and reverse operation, the machines manage retarding through a combination of engine brake, gear selection and service-brake application.

With its higher payload of 45 tons, the Cat 745C ADT is already moving towards the maximum capacity of rigid dump trucks. However, there are still major differences between both truck types.

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